I love deadlines. I really do. Without them, I might never get anything done in a timely fashion! Deadlines motivate me, and I’m most productive when I am working toward one.

I have been working on a gift project for quite a while now, and the deadline is fast approaching. Father’s Day. As in just a few weeks down the road. I won’t lie; I have a ton left to do. So, I’m going to take a break this week (and maybe next) from my blogging and digital design work and focus on getting this baby done.

If you don’t already, I’d recommend using a blog subscription service/RSS feeder like Google Reader to be notified of updates to blogs you like to follow, rather than have to check in every day to see if there’s anything new. Or, if you prefer to funnel through your e-mail account, be sure to click on the Subscribe button in the right column of this page.

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll be back soon.

Published by Corie Farnsley

I am a freelance designer, writer and photographer with a passion for telling stories, especially those that are close to my heart. I love to document those stories in a tangible way — by making albums that will leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “Deadlines…

  1. Good for you…take a break, get the job done without interruptions (well, not as many interruptions maybe) and we’ll see you back refreshed in a week (or two). You go girl!!

  2. I use Google Reader and it’s really helpful when browsing other blogs for some ideas and trends. The news comes to you, so the site is really easy to use and customize. The only thing I need to work on is reading the posts consistently so they don’t build up, but it’s nice to know the content is there when I need it!

    1. I have the same challenge! I love the convenience of it but probably have subscribed to too many blogs to be able to realistically keep up! That’s OK, though. Some days I feel like reading 10 posts by one favorite blogger, and another day I might feel like reading something completely different. Love it either way!

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