Sometimes I need a little kick in the head…

Yes, sometimes I do. And sometimes God has a way of doing just that — knocking me upside the head when I need a reality check. The last half of July and the first half of August have flown by in a blur as I have been dealing with some heavy-duty family stuff (plus a little light-hearted family vacation, which was pleasant but not particularly productive!). Digital scrapbooking (as much as I totally love it) needed to take a back seat for a while, and thus, I unintentionally fibbed by promising I’d have my School Days kit ready in time for going back to school. (Our kiddos start tomorrow. Yours might have already started??) Anyway, it’s one of my priorities for this week, so hold tight for me, if you will, please. It’s coming.

In the meantime, enjoy a little freebie, an alphabet border perfect for those back-to-school pages. (Click here to download the 12″ version. If you click on the image below, you’ll get a tiny version.)

School Days border - alpha overlap black

Published by Corie Farnsley

I am a freelance designer, writer and photographer with a passion for telling stories, especially those that are close to my heart. I love to document those stories in a tangible way — by making albums that will leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

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