Lately I have been a bad blogger.

Lately I have been an even worse scrapbooker.

But I have taken photos.

LOTS of photos.

And I wonder when I’ll get around to scrapping them.

Lately I have been spending less time scrapbooking and blogging and designing stuff for scrapbooking and doing much of anything but working and attending my kids’ school and sports events and finding new ways to spend family time and exploring my faith.

Lately I have really been focusing on that last one.

Lately I have really loved opening my Bible and reading and studying and digging in deeper, trying to find answers.

Lately there has been some heavy stuff happening in my life. Some good. Some…not so much.

Lately this stuff that’s happening in my life has completely consumed me. I’ll be honest. It’s broken me down.

But it’s also built me up. In a big, hard-to-explain, awesome way.

Lately I have realized that I have put my faith on the back burner for far too long.

I have also realized that, as much as I loved my former church (the only church that, until recently, I have ever felt was my “home” church, the church where I absolutely loved my priest, the church that inspired me to go to work for a church in the same denomination several years ago), moving to a new church this past January is quite possibly the best thing we ever did as a family.

Lately I’ve realized that faith in God is really important.

And living a life of faith is even more important.

Life-changing, even.

Lately I’ve discovered that reaching beyond the logical and responding to trials not by doing what our culture trains us we “should” do but instead responding with faith that God knows what he’s doing and will lead us through this is a much smarter way to go.

It’s the right thing to do. My heart knows that. So I’m doing it.

And I’m being blessed every day for it.

Lately I’ve realized that I needed to re-organize my priorities.

Faith (God, church, Bible study and all things related!) and family first.

Work second.

Everything else — scrapbooking and blogging included! — I will squeeze in when time allows.

I’m not going to force it into my schedule any more.

(I’ve discovered that a good night’s sleep is important too.)

But I’m hopeful it will fit in easily fairly often.

I’m also hopeful you’ll stay with me and continue to visit my little ol’ blog on occasion.

Because I would miss you if you didn’t.

And love you if you did.

(What am I saying? I already love you.)

Thanks for reading this. Just wanted to share.

Happy scrapping!

Published by Corie Farnsley

I am a freelance designer, writer and photographer with a passion for telling stories, especially those that are close to my heart. I love to document those stories in a tangible way — by making albums that will leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

4 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I know I’m a few months behind reading this, but I love it, Cor. So very applicable to my life too. I just emailed you, but I wanted to say that I’m so happy for you guys and so excited to see where’s God’s leading your family. Miss you and hope to see you soon!!

    1. Thanks, Kel! We definitely need to catch up soon! We’re not ready to move officially yet (no offers in on a house), but we’re working to get ours on the market ASAP. Will let you know where we end up. Not changing towns, but excited to change scenery! 😮

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