School Layout: Children’s Museum Field Trip

[Just a warning: Some days, like today, I might be lucky to post a single page, rather than a full gallery of pages!]

One of my favorite ways to capture the life of one of my kids as a student is to chaperone field trips. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has always been one of my kids’ favorite places to visit, but when they get to go with a classroom full of friends, it’s even more enjoyable!

Here is the journaling from this two-page layout:

For your spring field trip in first grade, we went to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I was lucky enough to be able to accompany you as a chaperone. Because there were a lot of parents from your class who also volunteered, we only had one other classmate in our group, [name withheld]. You and [name] were buddies throughout the year, so you had a great time together. He was well behaved, and together, you were both great, too, which made our whole day a fun experience!

The museum was actually under construction during our visit, and there weren’t any special exhibits open (the Star Wars exhibit was going to open soon after). It turns out it didn’t matter, though. You boys were both intrigued by the Dinosphere exhibit (we spent the whole first half of the trip there) and Playscape on the upper floor, where all of the fun water and science exhibits were. You dug for dinosaur bones, played on the old train cars, made noses out of dino legs (I think that’s what that is in the picture at right!), built boats, dumped buckets of water, tried to figure out how the giant water clock in the lobby worked, chased each other around and had a great time!

(I wasn’t able to go on your fall field trip to the apple orchard. Only a few parents were chosen, and I wasn’t one of them. Oh, and that other boy in the bus picture at top right? That’s [name withheld], another of your buddies.)

May 22, 2009

Published by Corie Farnsley

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