A couple of housekeeping items…

We’ve probably all been attending webinars and virtual conference calls during this time, so “a couple of housekeeping items” might be a familiar phrase lately. My apologies for sounding a bit cliche. Just felt appropriate for the times.

Anyway, I wanted to mention a couple of things about this good ol’ blog.

First, I don’t seem to have quite as much free time as I anticipated at the beginning of this stay-at-home order. As a result, I haven’t been able to post every day as I had hoped. That’s probably for the best for all of us (you’d get bored if I posted daily), but it feels like a broken promise, so I wanted to address it.

Second, I feel like I talk an awful lot about myself on this blog, even though the goal is to be sharing Gabe’s photos and scrapbooks. The reason for that is that the people who are here just for the photos of Gabe will see the photos and scrapbook pages and won’t need to spend much time reading the text of the posts. They aren’t really interested in the text, after all. But the people who find this blog via Google search or Pinterest post likely land here because they’re searching for scrapbooking info. So I want to give them a little insight into my process and thinking behind certain things. We scrappers are interested in that kind of thing. And those of us who scrapbook and have a senior in the class of 2020 seem to be really interested in seeing how other parents are honoring their students in the digital space.

So, no matter what brings you here, I hope that you find something worth your time and interest! Thank you for reading! New pages coming soon!


Would love to have you comment: What interests you the most about the blog? The old pics of a younger Gabe, the scrapbook pages and process or something else entirely?

Published by Corie Farnsley

I am a freelance designer, writer and photographer with a passion for telling stories, especially those that are close to my heart. I love to document those stories in a tangible way — by making albums that will leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

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