About Corie

I am a wife, mom of three and a freelance graphic designer, writer and event photographer with a passion for telling stories. I love telling stories that capture life as it happens: real, unposed and honest. I believe that every person has a story to tell, and every story is important. How we tell those stories is up to us. For me, it’s through my personal scrapbooks.

I have been writing, designing and photographing as my career since I graduated from college in 1999. Scrapbooking drew me in when I was very young but didn’t really become a passion until I discovered “modern” scrapbooking in 1997. That’s when I began to realize that this hobby had two important benefits for me:

  1. It combines all of my strongest interests: writing, design, photography, memories and family life.
  2. Everything comes together in a neat little package that can be handed down to my children, and (who knows?!) maybe even my grandchildren.

This personal passion overlapped with my professional passions in so many ways, that it was only natural that I would eventually transition from paper to digital scrapbooking. The freedom of being able to use my photos at any size I want, use the hundreds of fonts I have purchased for my clients’ design projects in my scrapbooks and reuse the papers and supplies I purchase from awesome designers simply makes my heart happy.

This site is a place for me to share my personal thoughts and creations with friends, family and whoever else might be interested.

Thanks for joining me! Please drop a line or two in the comments section on any page. I’d love to know who’s visiting!

Corie Farnsley

2 thoughts on “About Corie

  1. Hey Corrie! I LOVE your comparison between the HM and Shutterfly albums. I have a shutterfly one that cracked when I got it because the glue was cold I guess. Shutterfly DID replace it at no cost.

    I am now a Heritage Makers consultant – I joined to be on Lisa Bearnson’s team! She is launching a new line Anthology in summer 2015. (just realized you probably already know that!) I’m super excited for her line – but I’m also anxious to print my own HM hardcover book to compare with Shutterfly.
    Again, great article thanks for sharing your review!

    1. Hello, LouAnn! Well, only five years later (!!), I am finally seeing this comment! I have to apologize. That’s probably some sort of record for a long delay. 🙂 I walked away from my blog in 2014, shortly after my third child was born, and I didn’t even think about revisiting until I needed a place to share my older son’s scrapbook pages. (He is graduating this year.) Now that I’ve been back to this, I’m hooked again! And it’s only been two days! So, are you still an HM consultant? How amazing to be on Lisa Bearnson’s team! If you still are in touch with her, please tell her I miss her magazine sooooo much!

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