How to use a digital template

From template to digital scrapbook layout

If you’ve downloaded my free template (or one from another site) but aren’t 100 percent sure how to use it, check out the newest page in the Digital Scrapbooking menu (above or in the right column): How to Design a Scrapbook Layout Using a Digital Template. Drop me a line in the comments section if you have any questions!

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Fast links to buy my current kit:

Free template!

Grab your free template here to make a layout that looks something like this when done. The zipped file you will download includes an illustrated instruction sheet to help guide you through using templates if you have never done it before. Don’t worry…it’s not difficult! (You must have Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or another PSD-compatible photo editing program to be able to use this template.)

I’d love to see your finished products! If you share your layout online, please credit Pixels And Pix. If you could provide a link, even better! Either way, I’d love to see what you’ve made with your template. If you leave me a link in the comments section, I’d be thrilled!

Thanks so much and enjoy! Happy scrapping!

Page Sample – and template coming soon!

I am excited to begin offering templates to speed your scrapping! My first template will include space for three photos and will help you quickly create a page that looks something like this:

Pixels and Pix Template 1 - 3 photos

(Click on layout to see it larger. All page elements are available in my Graphic Nature Mega Pack and Graphic Nature Facebook Freebie. Fonts: AL Serenade and League Gothic in title, Avenir for journaling)

Watch for a new post later this week that includes a free downloadable, layered Photoshop template document as well as instructions on how to use the template to create a page of your own. I will be providing templates on a regular basis for purchase, but the first one is free! Stay tuned!

It’s National Scrapbooking Day! 5 things to do today (if you don’t have time to scrap)

Happy National Scrapbooking Day to everyone! I hope you find some time to get out the paper and supplies if you’re a paper scrapper or sit down with your laptop or at your desk if you’re a digi-scrapper!

If you don’t have time to scrap, how about taking 15 minutes today to do something scrapbook-related? This is the route I’ll be going, given our day is full of sports (one game down, one to go – except for my husband who has four hours of baseball ahead of him!), and Mother’s Day activities.

Here are five ideas for spending 15 minutes on this worthy hobby of ours!

  1. Pick up your favorite magazine. Read an article or two, or browse through the pages looking for layouts you want to scraplift or journaling that inspires you. Need some ideas? Try and if you need a place to start.
  2. Organize some photos. Come on, you know you have some photos that need to be organized, whether in print form or on your computer. How about picking out a few and placing an order for some prints?
  3. Journal. Have a layout in mind you want to do soon? How about working on the journaling now? You’d have it ready to go the next time you do have time to sit and scrap for awhile. For me, I really need to journal about my kids. I try to do this every six months or so. With Gabe’s birthday earlier this week, I should write a “Gabe at 9” list. One of these days I’ll get around to scrapping it!
  4. Browse the Web. There are tons of websites out there that can inspire you! Try your favorite magazine site or your favorite designer’s site if you need a place to start. (Don’t have a favorite designer? Try,, and for starters.) Better yet, check out the list of blog sites listed in the right column or in this post to find some of the newest digital scrapbooking product designers!
  5. Buy something that inspires you! For me, purchasing new product will get me in the mood to scrapbook every time! If you’re a paper scrapper, visit your local scrapbook store or browse around online (try for starters), or visit the shops of some digital designers for some versatile products! Digital products printed on your home computer can multiply your scrapbook stash without taking up any extra space. Just print when you’re ready to use them! If you’re a digital scrapbooker, there are TONS of sites out there that can get you scrapping in no time. (And for starters, might I suggest you check out this kit right here? It is on sale, after all! 🙂 )

Whatever you do today, enjoy yourself! And for all of you moms out there, have a very happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Today you…

At the Gardens

Today you…

  • turn 9 years old.
  • had breakfast in bed, at your request.
  • ate a jelly-filled doughnut and four Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • wanted your little sister to be able to have breakfast in bed, too, so you invited her up onto your top bunk with you.
  • will be having cookies and milk in class as a special treat from Mom. (Dad would love to be there, too, but work prevents it.)
  • requested M&M cookie sandwiches for your class birthday treat.
  • didn’t want me to come and have lunch with you at school. You’re too old for that now.
  • are looking forward to going rollerskating to celebrate your birthday, just the four of us.
  • are really working on being good.
  • are concerned that we’re spending too much money on your birthday. (We’re not spending that much, really.)
  • are making me realize how quickly time passes.
  • make me wish I could keep you home from school and spoil you rotten for a day.
  • make me proud.

Happy birthday, Buddy. I love you.

Let’s get it started!

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Sale prices:

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Graphic Nature: Page Samples

I have to say that it has been a lot of fun to design layouts completely with my own stuff! That has never happened before this kit, and it’s an awesome feeling!

Anyway, if you’re like me, you might like to see sample layouts made with the kits you’re interested in purchasing before you actually purchase them. So here are a couple of very different layouts I have made using the Graphic Nature kit. Enjoy!

Graphic Nature Page Sample 1

This page includes:

Of course, you can get all of these elements in the Graphic Nature Mega Pack!

Graphic Nature Page Sample 2

This page includes:

If you can live without the flower, this is a good example of a page you can create using only a single element pack and the paper pack.

And of course, you can get all of these elements together in the Graphic Nature Mega Pack!

Happy scrapping!