Sports Album: Basketball

Basketball has been another constant in Gabe’s life so far. He has played every year since he was 7 years old. He played several years of recreational basketball through our town’s league. He also played a year for school, in 8th grade, before deciding he had a lot more fun playing on a rec leagueContinue reading “Sports Album: Basketball”

Sports Album: Baseball

Gabe played baseball from age 5 to age 17, multiple times a year, so we are swimming in baseball photos! I wanted to make sure the main team and player photos were scrapped, so I created a template that I could use for all of his seasons, just changing out the paper and embellishments. You’llContinue reading “Sports Album: Baseball”

Sports Album: Title Page

For Gabe’s sports album, I wanted to create a cover that had a mix of photos covering various sports throughout the years. So this is what came together. His three main sports were soccer (which he quit at about age 12), basketball and baseball. So this page has a mix of all three. Eventually, IContinue reading “Sports Album: Title Page”

Honoring the Class of 2020

None of us could have imagined that our Class of 2020 high school (or college, for that matter) seniors would have ended their 13 years of school this way — e-learning at home under government orders due to a worldwide pandemic. Yet, here we are. Many of them, understandably, feel a little cheated. They willContinue reading “Honoring the Class of 2020”