If only we could all be like him (God sure called home a good one!)

Last weekend, I got a surprising phone call. An important man in my life had passed away. No, it wasn’t my husband. Or my son. Or my dad. It was Father John—more formally, the Rev. John P. Roof—the priest who held my attention with his infectious laugh, his sometimes-off-kilter sense of humor, and his genuine loveContinue reading “If only we could all be like him (God sure called home a good one!)”

I miss seeing that smile

Journaling for a scrapbook page to be created some day in the future This is a smile I love to see. I wish we could see it more often. It’s not that you are an unhappy child or that you are frequently grumpy. You are not. It’s just that fewer things in life seem toContinue reading “I miss seeing that smile”

Why we decided to raise you in a small town: A letter to my children

The first layout I created for my “Letters to My Children” album was a one about why my husband and I decided to raise our kids in the small town in which we both had been raised ourselves … despite mildly despising it while we were in high school. (I did, at least. I guessContinue reading “Why we decided to raise you in a small town: A letter to my children”

One thing you should never forget: A letter to my children

My head is swimming with things I’d like to share with you. Some of what I want to share includes stories – stories that show your dad and I are not perfect, stories of our family traditions, stories of events in our lives that have developed us into who we are. Some of what IContinue reading “One thing you should never forget: A letter to my children”

Letters to My Children: The start of something important (at least to me)

I have this irrational fear that I am going to die in some sort of traumatic accident before I have a chance to tell my children everything I want to tell them. A pleasant thought, I know. I have always thought I would make a scrapbook full of all of this kind of “stuff” toContinue reading “Letters to My Children: The start of something important (at least to me)”

How can it be?

Journaling for a scrapbook page to be made sometime in the future… Our daughter Ella turns 8 in less than a week. And what a joy-filled, fast-as-lightning eight years it has been! This little girl has a strong personality, an infectious giggle and a huge heart. She loves to draw, write love notes to herContinue reading “How can it be?”

Page Share: You & Me

Journaling: In just a couple of weeks, we will celebrate 13 years of marriage. Thirteen! And what is even more amazing, we have been together almost 18 years…more than half of my lifetime. Wow. We have come a long way in those 18 years. We started together as just kids, teenagers in love who believedContinue reading “Page Share: You & Me”

What love really means

I would never call my 9-year-old son a “mama’s boy” in front of him, for fear he would be immediately embarrassed and determined never to do anything ever again that would make him appear to be such. But the truth is, I love that he sort of is, for lack of a better term, aContinue reading “What love really means”


Lately I have been a bad blogger. Lately I have been an even worse scrapbooker. But I have taken photos. LOTS of photos. And I wonder when I’ll get around to scrapping them. Lately I have been spending less time scrapbooking and blogging and designing stuff for scrapbooking and doing much of anything but workingContinue reading “Lately…”

School Days kit really is coming soon!

I know I’ve been chatting about my School Days kit “coming soon” for quite a while now. The truth is, I lost my energy for design for a few weeks and just needed a break. The good news is, last night I stayed up late and worked on my new kit for a few hours.Continue reading “School Days kit really is coming soon!”