Digital Scrapbooking: A great value!

What can you buy for $5 these days?

Well, not much, it seems.

You can buy:

  • 1.25 gallons of gas (at $4/gallon), which will get you somewhere between 20 and 45 miles (often less than a day’s worth of driving), depending on your car OR
  • your favorite smoothie or coffee drink from your favorite cafe or coffee shop OR
  • a fast food value meal OR
  • an appetizer at a sit-down restaurant OR
  • nachos, a drink and a candy bar at the baseball diamond concession stand

And if you’re heading into your local scrapbook store with just $5, you could walk out with:

In other words, $5 doesn’t go very far in today’s consumer world, right? If you are or have been a paper scrapper, you know how easy it is to walk into your favorite store (mine happens to be Archivers, especially since all of our local scrapbook stores have closed) and walk out with a fairly hefty dent in your purse or wallet. It’s very, very easy to spend $40 or $50 in a “quick” trip to the scrapbook store! And the worst part is, if you’re at all like me, I might get all of that fun stuff home, put it away and never use it. Still, if I did get around to using it, most of these things I can only use once (like alpha stickers and paper), and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

It’s better with digital.

The good news is, digital scrapbooking changes all of that. Not only are supplies surprisingly inexpensive (think a paper pack with 18 papers for only $4 – now on sale for just $3!), you can use them over and over and over again. In fact, if you so desire, you can make an entire book using just a few sheets of digital paper! And you can make multiple copies of that book, if you’d like, without paying for each sheet of paper individually!

So, in the digital scrapbooking world, your $5 could get you:

  • a paper pack with 18 reusable, resizable, recolorable papers OR
  • an element pack with:
    • 1 complete set of reusable, resizable, recolorable uppercase and lowercase alphabet stickers AND
    • 2 reusable, resizable, recolorable photo frames AND
    • 2 reusable, resizable journaling blocks AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable, recolorable (and ultra versatile) date stamp and a reusable butterfly AND sticker OR
  • an element packwith:
    • 2 reusable, resizable, recolorable photo frames AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable tree sticker AND
    • 2 reusable, resizable journaling spots/tags AND
    • 3 reusable, resizable date tags AND
    • 4 sets of reusable, resizable photo corners AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable quote sticker AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable ribbon OR
  • an element pack with:
    • 20 reusable, resizable word stickers AND
    • 2 reusable, resizable flowers AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable stitched butterfly AND
    • 3 reusable, resizable, recolorable pieces of 12-inch trim AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable ribbon fastened with stitching AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable quote sticker AND
    • 1 reusable, resizable wooden frame

And while that cup of smoothie from your favorite cafe will be gone in 10 minutes, leaving you with nothing to show for it but an empty cup, your $5 investment in digital scrapbooking supplies will leave you with tools you can use over and over again to capture countless priceless memories in an art form that will be passed along from generation to generation!

Now how is that for value?

Happy scrapping!

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