Sneak Peek at my upcoming School Days kit!

I am tirelessly working on my upcoming School Days kit and can’t wait to unveil the final product! In the meantime, I’m playing around with some of the papers I have created for the kit, just to see¬†how they work together, what else is needed, etc. You saw one layout on the Disney challenge post.Continue reading “Sneak Peek at my upcoming School Days kit!”

50% off sale!

Well, decided that it is going to discontinue my digital products soon, so I am offering a 50% off sale of all Graphic Nature products as well as Template #2! Buy them soon, or they might be gone for good! Click on any of the products below to purchase.   Also don’t forget toContinue reading “50% off sale!”

Happy Father’s Day!

Just wanted to say a quick “happy Father’s Day” to the two most important dads in my life – my own dad and the dad to my kiddos! I love you both very much! I realize I need to make a page specifically about my dad! Since I don’t have one handy, here’s one fromContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day!”

Wedding Album Ideas

Are you going to a wedding today? The brother of a good friend of ours and my former neighbor are marrying each other today…which has me thinking about weddings. Wedding season is in full swing! If you find yourself snapping hundreds of photos at a wedding this summer and want some ideas for how toContinue reading “Wedding Album Ideas”

From screen to scrapbook: Part 1 (printing individual pages)

If you’re fairly new to the world of digital scrapbooking, you might be wondering what your options are for getting your scrapbook layout from your screen to your scrapbooks. There are several options for doing this, and in my mind, having multiple, flexible options is one of the best things about scrapping digitally. Options forContinue reading “From screen to scrapbook: Part 1 (printing individual pages)”

50 Moments: Scrapbook the Pages that Matter Most

Why do you scrapbook? Have you asked yourself that lately? It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking, “I’ll never be caught up with my scrapbooks,” that sometimes it’s also easy to wonder, “so why even try?” I understand. My daughter is 6 years old, and I never finished her first year in herContinue reading “50 Moments: Scrapbook the Pages that Matter Most”

Template 02 – 5 pix

This is one of my very favorite layouts of all time: It’s simple (per my usual style), but every time I open my scrapbooks, this one catches my eye. In fact, I think the very simplicity of it is what I like so much. (That, and the very cute digital scrapbook kit supplies from ShabbyContinue reading “Template 02 – 5 pix”

What types of elements do you use most on your pages?

I am working on my next kit (with a school days theme) and am about ready to work on embellishments. Before I do, I thought I’d take a quick poll and see what people enjoy most in their kits. I’ll use this info to help direct the school days kit. So please share: What typesContinue reading “What types of elements do you use most on your pages?”

Digital Scrapbooking: A great value!

What can you buy for $5 these days? Well, not much, it seems. Compare what you can buy for $5 in everyday life (think fast food value meal) vs. how far your $5 can go in the digital scrapbook world! Which one has more value? Read more on the newest page in the Digital ScrapbookingContinue reading “Digital Scrapbooking: A great value!”

How to use a digital template

If you’ve downloaded my free template (or one from another site) but aren’t 100 percent sure how to use it, check out the newest page in the Digital Scrapbooking menu (above or in the right column): How to Design a Scrapbook Layout Using a Digital Template. Drop me a line in the comments section ifContinue reading “How to use a digital template”